It’s the last day of the month, so here it is: May’s blog post! One day I’ll post something before the last day of the month and surprise you.

Following on from my previous post on my top essential WordPress plugins here are my favourite non-essential plugins (in no particular order). Not to say these plugins aren’t great, it’s just they they aren’t appropriate for every site I create. All of them are free, but there may be paid for versions that offer extra functionality.

WordPress Popular Posts by Hector Cabrera
A nice little widget that shows the most popular posts on your website. It’s another plugin that’s in use on this site. If you look to the right (on a computer) or bottom (on mobile) you should see my top 5 most popular posts.

Redirection by John Godley
You can probably guess what this one does! Once you’ve published something and it has been indexed by Google (other search engines are available) you probably don’t want change the URL, because people that find your page through Google will be presented with “page not found”, at least until Google re-indexes your site. This plugin lets you redirect an old URL to the new one so people searching on Google should still end up in the right place.

This plugin is also incredibly useful if you are redesigning a site and want to make sure the old links don’t just show “page not found”.

ShareThis Share Buttons by ShareThis
This plugin provides links to easily allow your visitors to share your content through their social media. You should see them to the left of this post (if you are using a computer) or across the bottom (if you are on mobile). I particularly like this design of these buttons because they remain visible without being obtrusive. I believe if you want people to share your content, you have to make it easy for them, and this plugin makes it very easy.

Fullwidth Page Templates by Brainstorm Force
This plugin adds full width page templates to themes that don’t include templates under page attributes.

Woody ad snippets (PHP snippets | Insert PHP) by Will Bontrager Software, LLC, Webcraftic
This plugin allows you to insert any code, text, or ads into pages using conditional logic.  I used this plugin to hide a button link on a particular page. The button was included in a sidebar and I was able to say do not display if current page equals contact.

WP Add Custom CSS by Daniele De Santis
This plugin lets you add custom CSS on a page by page basis. I used this plugin to modify the CSS of individual product pages in WooCommerce that I didn’t want to be applied to all product pages.

As with the my previous post, I plan to add to this list so it’s worth coming back from time to time.

What is your favourite WordPress plugin? Leave a comment and let me know.