Top 11 Tips for creating a successful blog

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Here are my top 11 tips to help you create a successful blog.

  1. Use keyword research to try and find a niche topic that is well searched for but doesn’t have too many pages covering it.
  2. Be controversial or present an argument e.g. men v women, or the top ten of something. Try and promote discussion.
  3. Try and inject your personality into your writing. This will make your posts easier and more interesting to read.
  4. Share your posts on your own social media.
  5. Use the WordPress app so you can blog or write drafts on the go or when inspiration hits.
  6. Create a draft post when you have an idea. Try and build up a bank of drafts that you can turn into full blown posts when you are looking for inspiration.
  7. Read other people’s blogs for inspiration and to learn good practice.
  8. Try and write posts that people will want to share. This might be something that’s topical or particularly useful.
  9. Add share buttons to your posts. You want to encourage people to share your posts and adding share buttons makes it easy for them. It’s also easy to implement in WordPress using a plugin (I use ShareThis Share Buttons).
  10. Carefully proof-read your posts. If possible get someone else to proof-read as well. Reread posts, check spelling and grammar before posting. Return to posts after a break and check them again.
  11. Stick with it. Make sure you post regularly (once a month for me). If you can stick to some kind of schedule so your audience knows when to expect a post, then that’s even better.

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